The origins of RongDe Holdings lie in the fortuitous intersection of two lives – those of its founders, Zhang RongJie (Mr. Cheong Wing Kiat) and Chen Wei De (Mr. Victor Tan). The company’s name, an amalgamation of the Mandarin names of the founders, signifies the deeply meaningful story of their first encounter.

In 2015, a twist of fate led Mr. Victor Tan and Mr. Cheong Wing Kiat to cross paths through what seemed at first to be an unfortunate car accident. Instead, this unexpected event became the seed from which a fruitful friendship and entrepreneurial partnership took root.

As their relationship developed over time, Mr. Victor Tan earned the trust of Mr. Cheong and was offered an exceptional opportunity to become the principal distributor for MarinEx Pharmaceuticals, a company under the stewardship of Mr. Cheong, who was serving as its Managing Director at that time.

When the moment arrived for Mr. Victor Tan and his distinguished co-founders to bring RongDe Holdings into existence, they unanimously agreed to honor their shared history by interweaving the names of Mr. Cheong and Mr. Victor into the company’s identity. This choice symbolizes the profound beginnings of their venture. The very heart of RongDe Holdings is intimately connected to the vision, tenacity, and collaborative endeavors of these two extraordinary individuals, who were the driving forces that brought the company to life.

Today, RongDe Holdings stands as a tribute to the remarkable potential of unexpected connections and the resilient spirit of entrepreneurship. Its inception is deeply rooted in a chance meeting that flourished into a prosperous enterprise, epitomizing the transformative power embedded within every opportunity.