Building Brands & Integrating Business Bringing Quality Products to Customers. At RongDe, we believe in building and integrating businesses to not only optimise cost and maximise resources but also reach out to more customers with quality assured products and services.


RongDe Holdings : Who We Are

Creating Values Through Relationships

Formed by 6 driven individuals, RongDe Holdings was founded when Victor Tan and Cheong Wing Kiat met through serendipity.  Leveraging  on  each  partner’s existing  partnerships, sales experience and  contacts,  the  company was built to not only function  as  a  primary  trading and distribution of products but as a platform to create businesses to market an ever-growing portfolio to the consumers in Singapore and Asia.

Why We Are Different


Inspiring Belief

We seek to inspire confidence and belief within our partners in our products, company and us as individuals.


Compassionate Workplace

Business is about relationships and it all starts in the workplace. By fostering compassion within our own ranks, we help to guarantee quality products and service from a happy environment.



We standby our products and are determined to provide the best quality products while solving any challenges together with our distributors and marketing partners.



We believe in ethical products and partnerships. Products are safe with quality assurance while distributorships and selling practices are enforced in an ethical manner.

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We believe business is about forging relationships and creating mutually beneficial networks. While we let our partners distribute and market our products, we also help them to identify new portfolio opportunities, actively creating good quality products & services while investing in high potential products under the umbrella of RongDe Holdings.

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Led By Business Veterans & Passionate Management Team
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Mr Victor Tan


Having beyond 11 years of experience in B2B Multi-national corporate distribution sales. Trained representatives to maximise prospecting, customer service. Victor leads the group in forging distributorships in the local and overseas market. He also spearheads the Amber Collections franchising businesses and works with Amber Collections Pte Ltd to grow their portfolio

Coming from a humble background has not stopped Victor from pursuing his dream. Through sheer grit and perseverance he has made it to what he is today. Responsible for strategic planning, sales and development, p&l and process implementation for multiple business entities. He is also adept in developing various marketing programs, business plans and methodologies for businesses from different industries.

Mr Cheong Wing Kiat


In 1990, he founded Business Concept Pte Ltd, an investment company in private equity, property, and advisor to business families and businesses.

He is also a third generation member (business leader 1995-2011) and Director in the Singapore-based Wen Ken Drug Co Pte Ltd, the holding company of Wen Ken Group, established in 1937, which manages the family business and its investment portfolios in public & private equities, and properties. More Details

Management Team - Copy

Management Team

Made of sales, IT and operational veterans, the rest of management team includes Mr Aeos Tan, Mr Jasper Chan, Mr Desmond Tay and Mr Xie Hong Cheng.

The management team is focused on driving overall growth for the company, from long term strategic planning to the formulation of new business ideas.

Apart from charting the overall growth and direction of the company, they will be in charge of marketing our flagship product, expanding partnerships for our portfolio, managing our Direct Relationship Marketing department, group IT infrastructure as well logistics and order fulfilment.

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